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About Us


We are curious street.

the par excellence online womenswear destination for savvy women who see personal style as a bespoke expression of themselves, for women who like to have fun wearing their personalities with whimsy and a bang!

For you, we constantly trot around the globe with lots of burning heat in our heels in search of unique brands, new styles and fresh looks, bringing you inspired and sophisticated, lovingly curated collections. From everyday basics to evening wear, at curious street we take you from day to night with impeccable taste and exclusive outfits that stands out.

Curiosity and quality are our driving force. Ethical fashion our principle. We are a big fan of young designers, new talent and independent labels and we strive to support creativity and individuality. ‎

We believe that curiosity never really killed the cat, come on, it just made the cat cooler and -of course- street wise.

Curious as you are, come follow us as we will take you to new fashion destinations.


Live it up stylishly, curiously, happily!