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Chelsea Chunk Bopi Ankle Boots, Mads Norgaard

239.00 €
Product Code: 60.01.012

Give your trainers a day off and slip into this uber cool pair of round toe, leather, ankle booties featuring elasticated inserts, a pull tab on the back and a comfy, chunky block heel.

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Mads Norgaard takes its name from its founder and head designer whose relationship with fashion is a deep-rooted family affair. Mads' father and grandfather both owned apparel shops housed in the exact same location where the Mads Norgaard store is housed today. Drawn to and seduced by the dynamic fashion cycles, which mirror the vigorous pace of contemporary life, Mads believes in the power and allure of the novel and views originality and innovation as driving forces in the industry. At the same time, he remains apprehensive about the impact of fashion on the environment, while acknowledging that rapid production of ephemeral products, designed to capture the mood of the moment, reinforce careless over-consumption. In his designs he addresses the above, by creating what he calls the “durable wardrobe”. The “durable wardrobe” is part of the main collection and it includes all-time-classic fashion staples consciously redesigned into quality, timeless pieces that will stay with us for a long time. “At Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen we are deeply in love with fashion and with the ever-changing world we inhabit. But we sometimes think that things are moving just a little too fast in the world of fashion. Because of that fact, we are especially drawn to those fashion items that do not change constantly. Items that remain relevant season after season.”