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Mary Poppins Suede, Lace-up Boots, Vagabond

175.00 €
122.50 €
Product Code: 60.01.001

Μπότες με λεπτά κορδόνια, άνετο block τακούνι και πλαϊνό φερμουάρ σε καφέ brandy suede. Ένα ζευγάρι που διηγείται μια ολόκληρη ιστορία από μόνο του! Are you ready boots?

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100% Suede Leather

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‘Vagabond’ is another word for wanderer, traveler or drifter, curious adventurer, or rolling stone. Vagabond shoes are inspired by people, their habits and the cities they live in; the non-conformists, and the urban buzz. This Swedish brand creates classic styles infused with offbeat details. In the design studio every decision is made consciously. They carefully select materials and components to make the end product as clean as possible. When developing shoe models, they strive to create deigns that generate minimum waste. The ambition has always been to make shoes that can endure the test of time.